PM motor

High performance and high efficiency PM motorEnergy Saving PM Motor and Sensor- Less PM Motor

We realized the reduction of the motor loss and improvement of the power factor. It can reduce your running cost drastically.

  • Low voltage
    Rated voltages are 200 V class and 400 V class.
  • AC
    It is an AC-driven motor.
  • For variable speed machinery
    It is a motor for variable speed machinery.
  • High efficiency
    Its high efficiency realized energy-saving.
  • Fully enclosed type
    It has an enclosure that is protected against solid foreign objects of 1.0 mm Ø except the external fan part (IP4X)/.
  • Horizontal type
    The installation method is horizontal.
  • Vertical type
    The installation method is vertical.
  • Flange
    The installation method is flange mounting.

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Product Features

The motor frame number is decreased by 2 to 4 frame sizes compared to the induction motor, and it could contribute the compact and leightweight design of the main machines. Further, operation without a speed sensor is possible by combining with our inverter "VT240S series".

  • Energy saving
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Sensorless drive


Output (kW) 11-350 11-400
Rotation speed(min-1) 1150 1450 1750
voltage 200V series (maximum 75 kW), 400 series (maximum 400 kW)
Protection classes IP44 and other protections. Please contact for further details.

Please feel free to contact us for the specifications not covered in this table by using the contact form.

What is PM motor

The PM motor is a permanent magnet type synchronous motor that does not require any DC excitation. The rotor has the same structure as a cage type induction motor, and it has a built-in magnet to exhibit the performance of a synchronous motor. Because it can be started with commercial electric power and operated by synchronizing the frequency, highly accurate speed control can be easily performed without feedback control such as encoding.

Quick reference table

PM motor

Category voltage Output(kw)

PM servo motor

400V Series

Self-starting type PM motor

400V Series

Energy saving PM motor

400V Series

Sensorless PM motor

PM Motors for Elevator

200V /
400V Series

This is a quick reference table showing the ranges of each series motor voltage and capacity. Just one look, you could see our offerings.

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