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About MeidenEnvironmental Policy

Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd strives to actively address climate change and resource depletion issues, and to work on new environmental solutions to alleviate environmental risks in our operations and for our customers by turning risks into business opportunities. In doing so, we shall promote the following:

Contribute to building a better environment for society through environmentally friendly products and services; and positively conduct programs to lower environmental footprints from our business activities at home and abroad.


Our environmental philosophy is align to Meidensha HQ. ‘Make a better world” and “Produce trusted product and best product & service experience for the customers. We aim to contribute towards a sustainable society while energizing the growth of the Meiden Group. We will implement environmental management to tackle important issues such as mitigating climate change, efficient use of resources and conserving biodiversity.


1.We strive to: Reduce environmental impacts from our business activities ; Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon Dioxide-CO2, Sulfur Hexafluoride-SF6) ; Promote power saving (Energy Conservation) ; Promote 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) ; Reduce the release of hazardous substance that harmful to human and the environment.

2.We strive to comply with our internal guidelines, related environmental laws, regulations, rules, and other required matters, to prevent the pollution from our operations at home and abroad and make effort to protect of the environment.

3.We strive to maintain and improve our EMS (Environmental Management System) through the quality tracking mechanisms of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle and aim to our environmental performance.

4.We strive to implement environmental education programs to increase our staff’s understanding of environmental management and environmental protection, aim to activate our environmental contribution program and protection of the environment.

5.We monitor eco-activities as stated in the environmental aspect and impact’s register to continual improve the overall environmental performance.

6.We endeavor to publicize and share relevant information on our environmental initiatives and results with our stakeholders.

7.This policy shall be reviewed periodically and communicated to all relevant stakeholders, all management, employees and contractors must act in accordance with this policy, observe our standards, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.


Kon Shinichiro
Managing Director

Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

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