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About MeidenEnvironmental Policy

Meiden Singapore is committed to operating a sustainable and responsible organization that protects the environment of our people, our customers, our partners and our planet.


Environmental Management

Meiden will maintain systems designed to identify and manage the environmental impacts associated with our operations, and support continuous performance improvement. We have developed and implemented standards and procedures to manage these potential impacts and improve the operation of our business. We will set environmental goals, measure progress and communicate results.


Our People

We will work to create an atmosphere of respect for the environment. We will train, empower and require our employees to take individual responsibility for environment. We will encourage them to be bold in integrating environmental considerations into their everyday activities and to improve our environmental performance.



We will comply with legal requirements, laws and regulations. In addition, we aim to implement those environmental standards recognized as best practices to better protect our people and our planet.


Business Integration

We regard environmental performance as a business value that must not be compromised. Environment is integrated into all phases of the business, including research, design, facility, operation and maintenance, sales, marketing, and product delivery. We will act with integrity in all we do.



We will work to support responsible environmental practices among our supplies, contractors and customers. When selecting key suppliers, we will assess their attitude and approach to environmental management, and will make environmental performance a factor in our purchasing and contracting arrangements. We will actively participate as appropriate with government agencies, industry and the public to support the development and implementation of environmental policies, laws, regulations, and practices that promote the present and future well-being of people and the environment.


Our Planet

We will strive to conserve resources, minimize and eliminate adverse environmental effects that may be associated with our products, facilities and operations. We will promote the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, waste minimization, recycling, energy efficiency, and responsible product utilisation in our business activities.

Ko Yamamoto

Yamamoto Ko
Managing Director
Date: 02 JAN 2017

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