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About MeidenWorkplace Safety and Health Policy

Meiden Singapore strives to be one of the most respected companies in the industry, and does so by placing great emphasis on employees’ safety, health and security.

The Management is committed to excellence in Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”), as this will contribute towards sustainable development of the company, including its competitive advantages. 

Our approaches center on managing hazards responsibly, minimizing safety and health risks and preventing accidents.  We set challenging objectives & targets in:

- Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of our products to meet or exceed all applicable regulations;
- Provision of conducive work environment and appropriate trainings to safeguard our employees’ health, safety, and well-being;
- Safety of our products and services, with their intended uses accurately described;
- Continuous improvement of OHS management & performance.

The following beliefs direct our daily practices of OHS:

- Safety is absolutely paramount;
- Observation of rules and adherence to procedures prevent lapses and breaches;
- Regular inspections and corrective actions are key to ensuring the highest standards;
- Constant self-checks and awareness by employees of hazards and risks lead to a stronger and more matured culture;
- Responsibility for safety and health extends beyond our official work responsibilities;

Strong and proactive security measures must be in place against potential acts of terrorism (SG Secure).

This Policy shall be reviewed periodically and communicated to all staff and related contractors.  All Management, employees and contractors must act in accordance with this policy, observe our standards, and comply with relevant laws and regulations. 

27 Feb 2020

Toke Hiroshi
Managing Director
Meiden Singapore

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