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EVDY 250

Testing EquipmentDynamometer for EV motor (EVDY)

Ultra-high speed FREC Dynamometer optimized for motor test for EV and HEV

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Product Features

This is a system realizing motor performance evaluation in a seamless manner: from ultra-low speed range to ultra-high speed rotation range.

  • It supports zero rotation control and position angle control
  • Realizing high precision measurement from ultra-low speed range to ultra-high speed range
  • Expanded variations of motor performance evaluation
    Cogging torque measurement
    Position angle measurement
    Low speed oscillation measurement


Basic specifications

Absorving capacity 250kW
Motoring capacity 250kW
Rated torque 420 N·m (continuous)
Rotation speed 16,000r/m
Inertia (J) 0.3kg·m2
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