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Railway systemKelana Jaya Line (formerly known as Putra LRT 2 project)

Kelana Jaya Line
Electrical Train (Bombardier)

Introduction; Kelana Jaya Line

750V DC Switchgear
(Upgrading in progress)

132kV GIS at Bulk Substation:

Meiden Malaysia has entered into rail transportation sector in year 1995 and this project has marked another notable milestone for Meiden Malaysia. The Kelana Jaya Line comprises of 24 stations, 19 stations are above ground and 5 stations are underground, running from Station Gombak to Kelana Jaya Station.

The service depot is located in Subang. Meiden Malaysia was responsible for Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Power Supply and Distribution System of Kelana Jaya Line.

Since the completion of initial stage in early year 1999, the stable and high quality system was enjoyed by customer and owner. Meiden Malaysia was then appointed as contractor to upgrade the system in year2007 along with the growth of ridership. Up to date Meiden Malaysia is supporting various upgrading and replacement contract.

Scope of Work

The scope of work of the initial contract was design, supply and installation of the complete DC traction system for entire traction substation for above ground and underground stations as well as Subang Depot.

Kelana Jaya Line is operating with 4th rail system with 1st unattended operation electrical train system in Malaysia.

Meiden’s high quality system and equipment has been supporting the safe and reliable throughout the service life.

This initial contract was commenced in year 1995 and completed successfully in year 1999, and major scope of work is listed as follows:

  1. (1)132kV Gas Insulated Switchgear
  2. (2)3000kW Rectifier Transformer
  3. (3)3300kVA Rectifier
  4. (4)750V DC Switchgear
  5. (5)Automatic Assured Receptivity Unit (AARU)
  6. (6)750V DC Controlled Isolation Sections Panel
  7. (7)Earthing Panel

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