Biomass Power Generation System10.4 MW Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Burning Biomass Power Generation Facility for Thailand

Biomass power generation facility using palm empty fruit bunch as fuel established in Thailand
Merits of introducing our product(s)

The fuel used is palm kernel shells (EFB: Empty Fruit Bunch), residues which have not been conventionally used.
The EFB contains oil, allowing us to contribute to the substitution effect of fossil fuel and the reduction of greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2 by effectively using it as fuel.
The plant was constructed near a palm oil factory in order to obtain a stable supply of EFB.
We can expect CO2 reduction of 1,100,000 tons in 6 years by supplying power generated using palm kernel shells as fuel.

Background of Introduction

Commercial operation of a biomass power generation facility using palm kernel shells as fuel, established in Surat Thani province located in the southern part of Thailand, beginning in September 2007.
The construction site is in Surat Thani province, located 584 km from Bangkok, near Phuket and Ko Samui.

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