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President Takeshi Miida

Takeshi Miida

The environment surrounding companies is currently undergoing significant change. There has been a shift from the previous emphasis on the economy to a society more conscious of the global environment and diversity, and advances in digital technology are accelerating a variety of social changes. Based on such changes in the business environment, we have drawn up the “Medium-term Management Plan 2024” starting in FY2021 that establishes the ideal state of being and vision to “work to build a new society through honesty to the planet, society and people, and through the power of co-creation.”

Through the manufacturing capabilities and service capabilities developed throughout its history spanning more than 120 years, Meidensha will contribute to resolving issues faced by society and customers by realizing “the creation of a carbon neutral, resilient society” in power infrastructure businesses and public, industrial and commercial sector businesses, “the promotion of motorization and labor saving in transportation and industrial sectors” in mobility and electrical components businesses, and “the provision of security and safety” in field service engineering businesses. Upon this foundation, we will strive to achieve high-quality growth and further enhance corporate value.