Technological DevelopmentPower Electronics

We will show our technical developments in power conversion and variable speed fields.

Development of a UPS new parallel control method

Better reliability of the parallel UPS

Better reliability of the parallel UPS
It realized consistent high quality output voltage and uniformed output current.

No need for detection of the load current

We improved the reliability by eliminating the common detector which had been necessary u so far.
Simplified wiring between the UPSs.

Maintaining performance even when a communication error occurs

It assumes the individual difference of the UPS that causes current variation while the communication is normal.
Making the output current uniform by using the estimated results when a communication errory occurs unexpectedly.
It can maintain the quality of output voltage and the uniformity of the current even when the load fluctuates during a communication abnormality.

Not depending on UPS individual difference and cable length

UPSs can be installed on a separate floor. Troublesome manual adjustment is unnecessary because the individual difference is estimated automatically.

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Development of a high performance ferrite magnetic motor


No-rare earth use movement.

We realized a ferrite magnet motor having the same level of performance as a high performance neodymium magnet motor using a rare earth element.

Adoption of a ferrite magnet

Adoption of a ferrite magnet which does not use rare earth elements (rare metals) subject to large fluctuations in market value.

High performance ferrite magnet motor

Sectional shape of the rotator

Effectively utilizing reluctance torque by optimizing the arrangement of magnets.
Accordingly, even when a ferrite magnet is used (the same size as a neodymium magnet but with approximately 1/3 the magnetic force), the level of output achieved is the same as that of a neodymium magnet motor!

Same level of efficiency as a neodymium magnet motor

Comparison of motor efficiency

Because the weak field current is unnecessary in the high speed region, the ferrite magnet motor has higher efficiency than the neodymium magnet motor!

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