ICTAbout Meiden ICT

With IoT rapidly advancing, artificial intelligence (AI) that creates new value from the vast amounts of data accumulated has become a focus of attention. During the 120 years since our founding, we at Meidensha, as an electrical equipment manufacturer with a mission of supporting the social infrastructure, have made various innovations in technologies and created various important products and services. With our “experience and expertise in operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities” and “know-how in data utilization”, which we have accumulated while meeting customer needs and overcoming customer issues, we contribute to building safe, secure and stable social infrastructure and aim to create an abundant future society.

Fields of application

Remote diagnosis of equipment at overseas factories

  • The system detects signs of failure and diagnoses a remaining life of overseas factory equipment from the home country.

Smart diagnosis of electrical substations

  • Our unique high-precision diagnosis provided at low cost.

Optimization of hydroelectric facility operation

  • ICT maximizes annual revenue from sales of electric power.

Improvement of operation efficiency for water treatment facilities

  • Retains know-how of veteran workers.