ICT SolutionFacility maintenance using IoT

As stable operation is demanded of social infrastructure such as sewage treatment facilities, appropriate maintenance is required at the appropriate timing for equipment as it deteriorates over the years of operation. On the other hand, how to best make maintenance more efficient has become an issue in light of issues such as drop in tax revenues and passing on of equipment operation skills being difficult with the falling population. Meidensha utilizes IoT and ICT to overcome those issues, thereby supporting stable operation of equipment by identifying signs of equipment failure at an early stage, and we are going forward with efforts to make equipment maintenance more efficient by using objective evaluation of equipment soundness.


  • Analyze data gathered by existing monitoring systems and data of IoT sensors added later to identify signs of failure at an early stage. Prevent sudden equipment stoppage.
  • Decide maintenance priority by evaluation of equipment soundness based on objective data. Achieve efficient and effective maintenance.

Flow of equipment maintenance at sewage treatment plant