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Major countries including Japan have created an international framework for maintaining international peace and security, and are managing exports, etc. in coordination with the international community. Even in Japan, efforts to control exports from the perspective of security are implemented in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.

The Company's Management System

As a company involved in exports, Meidensha is engaged in security export control from the perspective of compliance and social responsibility. Meidensha's security export operations are defined in the Security Export Control Regulations, and are managed and run by an organization: the Security Export Control Committee with the director overseen by a director with representative authority.

Framework of Export Controls in Japan

Determination of Coverage

When exporting products or providing technology subject to export controls, exporters need to obtain an Export license from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in advance in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Furthermore, even if an item is not subject to controls, it may be necessary to provide a certificate of non-applicability from customs when being cleared. If we receive a request from a customer, we perform a determination of non-applicability to determine whether or not an Export license needs to be acquired for the product or technology, and submit a document certifying the results of the decision. (Please ask sales personnel regarding requests for certificates of non-applicability)

  • * Some time may be required to determine the details depending on the Company's product or technology.
  • * The Company's products and technology fall under row 16 of Appended Table 1 of the Export Trade Control Order, and are covered by catch-all controls. Customers should make their own determination concerning this Section.