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Sewerage treatment systemsSewerage treatment process simulator

Our sewerage treatment process simulator is a simulation system for the sewage treatment process based on the activated sludge model. It is possible to predict the water quality of aeration tank and treatment water by calculating and analyzing operation status of pump and blower at the sewage treatment plant. The simulation results help in aeration air volume reduction, energy saving and in the study of appropriate facility operation policy to preserve the target level water quality and to reduce the processing cost.


  • ASM2d(*) is adopted for the biological reaction model that can represent the process for removing nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • This model supports complicated biological advanced processes including recycled nitrification and anaerobic-anoxic-oxic processes.
  • It comes with the practical graphical user interface that makes the complicated conditions setting (such as inflow condition and operation condition, etc.) easy by operating the icons.
  • It is possible to change the operation condition of equipment during computation period. It is possible to simulate operation conditions after conditional changes.

What is simulation of sewerage treatment?

Complicated biological reaction processes in the activated sludge treatment process are represented with mathematical models (algorithm model) and processing status is analyzed on the PC. In addition, it can offer processing status analysis based on the actual operation conditions and can give the simulation of the processing results under the simulated operation conditions.
This simulation helps in predicting and comparing quality of treated water, facility energy consumption and processing cost of facilities. It supports the operation control of each processing facility (like pumping and blower control) for energy saving, lower carbon footprint and better processed water since each processing system is geting very complicated.   We also helps the design work of water treatment facilities

Application example

Treatment status can be reproduced and analyzed based on actual operation conditions. It is possible to predict the treatment results with virtual conditions and utilize the simulation for the following applications.

  1. 1.Operation and control are supported according to prediction of water quality.
    1. (1)This simulation supports design of treatment facilities and prior examination at the time of rebuilding.
    2. (2)This simulation supports formulation of operation policies that realize ensuring quality of treatment water, energy saving and reduction of environmental load.
    3. (3)Response to water quality control: This simulation supports formulation of short-term, mid-term and long-term operation plans in consideration of quality of treatment water.
  2. 2.This simulation supports diverse treatment processes and assists consideration of energy saving operation plans for pumps and blowers and formulation of reconstruction plans for selecting equipment.
    1. (1)This model supports advanced treatment processes including recycled nitrification and anaerobic-anoxic-oxic processes as well as the standard method. In addition, step inflow, injection of flocculant and substrate addition are supported.
    2. (2)Detailed examination of operation conditions and energy saving operation of equipment is realized by setting details of pumps, blowers and valves.


  • *The biological membrane model included in this software configuration is jointly developed with Ebara Environmental Engineering. Some results of a joint study with the Japan Sewage Works Agency and Ebara Environmental Engineering are used for other portions.
  • *ASM: Activated Sludge Model