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Driving robot TYPE-i
Driving robot TYPE-i
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Global Standard TYPE-iDriving robot TYPE-i

A package design including on-site relay box, operating panel and wagon for storing actuator .

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Product Features

The Driving robot is an automatic operation device, which is used for automatic operation of complete vehicles on the Chassis Dynamometer. Accelerator, clutch, transmission, brake and ignition key are operated with electric actuator and they can be operated with optional test running patterns in the same manner as steering by a human. This robot unit can be shared by multiple Chassis Dynamometer facilities by simplifying adding (add-on) to the existing Chassis Dynamometer facilities and by its easy transfer design.

  • Smooth and easy interface with the existing test bench
  • Common use for various test bench
  • Less analog wiring by adopting digital wiring.
  • The adoption of a flat cable makes it possible to put the cable in the vehicle door
  • The robot can be up and running in about 5 minutes of setup time.
  • It can support right/left-side steering wheel drive car, A/T, M/T, floor shifter and column shift.
  • It could realize the professional driver level operation performance.
  • It could realize high precision operation within ±1 km/h or ±1 second.
  • It is possible to quickly retrieve target data from accumulated big test data.

Applications and Solutions

Configuration of "side-by-side" with the chassis dynamometer (CHDY) operation monitor is possible.


Item Specifications
Shifter position M/T
Control system Accelerator Opening position control
Vehicle speed control
Air intake pressure control
Torque control: Optional
Opening position control upon start and shift change
Clutch Stroke pattern function
Clutch vehicle speed control upon start
Shift Stroke function + shift power restriction
Select ストローク関数Stroke function
Brake Manual: Deceleration control
Automatic: Vehicle speed control upon deceleration
Ignition Variable operating time
On-site adjustment operation Infrared red light remote controller

PC screen setting

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