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FREC DYNAMOMETER (air-cooling type)
FREC DYNAMOMETER (liquid-cooling type)


High performance and low inertia AC dynamometer

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Product Features

This is an AC Dynamometer drawing on our long-standing engineering resources on Dynamometer and induction electric motor. Torque can be measured by oscillating the cage type induction motor (IM) with oscillating mechanism. Velocity and torque can be optionally controlled with inverter (variable frequency power supply).

  • Both drive operation and absorption operation are possible.
  • Energy saving type which regenerates absorbed energy to power source.
  • As being AC, it is brushless design and does not cause brush-related sparks. It shows excellent safety and maintainability.
  • Wide variety of line-ups: from low-speed large torque type to high-speed type
  • In the liquid-cooling type, it realized the low noise (This enables the easy noise measurement of the product.)
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