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TYPE-i DT220

FREC Dynamometer (FCDY)FREC DYNAMOMETER for drivetrain TYPE-i

World's top level acceleration and deceleration performance are realized.

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Product Features

This is a dynamometer suitable for absorption of load at the axle shaft in transmission tests.

  • Applicable to performance and durability evaluations including rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • High torque and high power rate
  • Equipped with disc brake for shaft locking applicable to stall tests
  • Axle direction traversing unit is standard equipment


Product specification


Capacity 220 kW (continuous) 330 kW (short-time)
Rated torque 3,000 Nm (continuous) 4,500 Nm (short-time)
Rotation speed 700/3,000r/min
Inertia value (J) Approx. 5.3 kgm2 (including CP and disc brake)
Overload 150%-60sec
Acceleration and deceleration 5407 min-1/s (continuous) 8111 min-1/s (short-time)
control panel THYFREC VT340DY (common converter)
Weight Approx. 4,500 kg (including the common bed  with traversing unit)
Outline dimensions Width: 1300 mm × Length: 2100 mm × 1600 mm
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