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5 MVA Auto-transformer
7.5 MVA Auto-transformer
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Power feeding transformer to make AT feeding system, an AC feeding system.

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Product Features

AT feeding system

For power feeding voltage, it is stipulated that a 20 kV AC feeding for 'conventional' railways and a 25 kV AC feeding for Shinkansen.
AC feeding uses circuit configuration in which current is actively returned to the feeding line by using the feeding system like AT or BT feeding systems. This is to reduce the pantograph impedance (inductive interference) issue against communication equipment

  • Applicable to AT feeding system
  • This product is installed in each substation post to enhance rail power absorption effect.
  • For small capacity (2 MVA or less), radiator not needed

Applications and Solutions

This product is applied for the AT feeding system and placed in each substation post.
The neutral point is connected to the rail and the rail current is actively returned to the power feeding line through the neutral point.


Rated primary voltage 44/60kV
Rated capacity 1 to 10 MVA (self-capacity)
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