Automatic Guided Vehicle Kit - Meiden AGV Kit (MK2/5 Series)Wireless Multiple AGVs Control in a Medical Facility

AGV for Specimen (Command Marking Method)
Merits of introducing our product(s)

The system is buit by a command marking method that does not require a difficult programming work. The instructions such as speed change, stop, waiting point location, and crossroad movement can be made by command marking. Using wireless units, we realized complete automatic traveling (except at start of traveling) by performing intersection control where three AGV Kits mutually check other movements.

Background of Introduction

We want to change speed by the instruction of marker on the floor such as high speed (60 m/min), mid speed (30 m/min), and low speed (10 m/min) .
We want to make the intersection contorl by using the on-board wireless unit on the AGV withtou installing the ground eqiipment such as access points or I/O units.

AGV Navi.

Please refer to "AGV Navi" (special website for AGV) for the details of our AGV offerings.

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