Example of display of water distribution map

Water purification systemsWater Distribution Control Support System

The water distribution control support system is a pipeline network analysis system supporting control of water distribution. This is made possible by simulating various possible conditions for water supply in the water facilities.
Unlike the conventional pipeline network analysis system for supporting design, this system enables actual water facility operators to operate it easily.
In addition, more effective simulation becomes possible by linking with monitoring and control systems.


  • Simple settings for executing simulations.
  • It can show multiple simulation results into the distribution diagram and list. Thus, it makes various-level studies possible.
  • 24-hours level simulation is possible.
  • It has a high user-friendly engineering function for drafting and adjusting the pipeline network simulation model.
  • Since it can easily tell how the water distribution situation will change, it can be used as a training simulator for inheriting the experienced operators' know-hows operation manner and know-hows.

System configuration

Various simulation functions

Pipeline network analysis result can be displayed clearly with various expressions including nodal point (symbol) color, range (mesh) color, pipeline color, pipeline type and display of pipeline.

Function for examining water leakage control

Pipeline network calculation is performed assuming the case where the water distribution pressure is reduced.
This calculation is used to examine how much water leakage amount can be controlled during pressure reducing operation.

Function to study measures against water shortage

Pipeline network calculation is performed assuming decrease of water distribution pressure and decrease of demanding water volume.
This calculation is useful for grasping the conditional changes inside the water distribution pipeline network while restrictions on water supply is applied.

Residual salt analysis function

Residual salt calculation is performed according to result of pipeline network calculation.
This calculation is useful for assuming the residual salt concentration in the water distribution pipeline network.