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Industrial wastewater treatment systemsSingle-stage ammonium removal treatment - The Deammonification System (DEMON®)

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Single-stage ammonium treatment is highly efficient and cost effective nitrogen treatment technique for wastewater containing high-strength ammonium. This method uses the anaerobic ammonium oxidation (AMX) bacteria. This treatment is suitable for nitrogen treatment of wastewater containing ammonium nitrogen of 200 mg-N/L or more, and has been commonly introduced for nitrogen treatment of dewatering centrate from anaerobic digestion especially in Europe and the North America. The Deammonification System, called DEMON®, is currently the most popular nitrogen treatment process utilizing AMX bacteria.

  • Reduction of the nitrogen treatment cost  
    - Power consumption … Oxygen demand can be reduced by 60% compared to conventional nitrification and denitrification process. 
    - Consumption of chemicals … Organic matter is not required for denitrification and  alkali dosage can be reduced. 
    - Excess sludge … Due to slow growth rate of AMX bacteria, excess sludge can be reduced. 
  • Space saving
    - High-speed nitrogen treatment utilizing AMX bacteria. 
  • Simple system configuration
    - Biological carrier is not required due to the licensed unique bacteria separation and concentration method
    - Less constituting equipment (reactor, pump, etc.) compared to two-tank type.
  • Rich track records by NEWport GmbH
    - More than 70 installations in the world, mainly with dewatering centrate. 
    - Pilot test of the Deammonification System has also been accomplished in Japan and high-performance of the Deammonification System has been confirmed in side stream treatment. 


For conventional nitrification and denitrification process, the metabolism of ammonium oxidizing bacteria and nitrite oxidizing bacteria has to be used to nitrify all the amount of influent ammonium to a level of nitrate.

For AMX process, if 57% of influent ammonium is nitrified by aerobic ammonia oxidizing bacteria until they become nitrite (partial nitritation treatment), the generated nitrite and remaining ammonium are denitrified the last production of nitrogen gas through the metabolism of AMX bacteria and approximately 11% of influent ammonium is transferred converted to nitrate.

The Deammonification System reduces the cost of nitrogen treatment by simultaneously maintaining partial nitritation and AMX reaction with one reactor by shortening the conventional nitrogen conversion of the nitrification and denitrification treatment.
This nitrogen treatment method is referred to as "deammonification".

Outline of treatment

Batch treatment is performed by intermittently supplying raw wastewater while controlling aeration and stirring in order to make partial nitration and AMX reaction simultaneously at one reactor.
Sludge increases when nitrogen treatment is performed by the bacteria; however, the balance between metabolism of ammonium oxidizing bacteria(nitrifying bacteria) and AMX bacteria is maintained by selectively withdrawing nitrifying bacteria in the tank through a micro-screen. With this well-contrived treatment, stable and efficient nitrogen treatment can be achieved.

The Deammonification System (DEMON®) is suitable for nitrogen treatment of wastewater containing 200 mg-N/L or more of ammonium nitrogen.

In particular, this treatment has been widely introduced for nitrogen treatment of dewatering centrate in Europe and the North America. 
As of 2019, NEWport GmbH, the licensor of this process for deammonification technology, has already introduced full-scale facilities at 70 or more places. This makes the Deammonification System currently the most popular nitrogen treatment process utilizing AMX bacteria.

Energy self-sufficient wastewater treatment

This is an energy self-sufficient energy wastewater treatment technology in which as much methane gas as possible is produced from anaerobic digestion and electric power of wastewater treatment facilities is maintained by power obtained from digestion gas power system by combining the wastewater treatment technology referred to as the "AB process" with nitrogen treatment technology utilizing the Deammonification System (DEMON®). 
This technology has been introduced at wastewater treatment plant in Austria and energy self-sufficiency was achieved  

Meiden received the technical license from NEWport GmbH, Austria for areas in Singapore and Japan. DEMON® is trademark of NEWport GmbH.


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