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Water quality inspection
Facility inspection

Contract facility management services for water utility business Meiden as Private Water Service Provider under Public-Private Partnerships

Water utilities in Japan face various issues such as "better management (profit)", “passing on the skills and know-hows to younger generations” , etc. to ensure sustainable supply of safe and clean water. Under service agreement with the local government, we promise the local government (owner of water utility) and the local serving community that we will provide the "safe" water in a "stable" and "sustainable" manner through our water services including the water facility management. For these services, we drew on more than 120 years of experiences in the social infrastructure building and our track records of building water treatment facilities (mostly electrical facilities) across Japan. In addition, after the deregulation, our company became a first private-sector company in Japan to provide private water service under private public partnership agreement.


Various services provided as key electrical products supplier

As being a long-standing water facility supplier for water utility industry in Japan, our contract facility management service is very unique. By drawing on our more than 30 years experiences in water facility management service and our know-hows for general electrical facilities over 120 years, we became the best business partner for water utility operators. After the deregulation of water utilities regulations in Japan, our company became a first private-sector company in Japan to provide private water service under private public partnership agreement. We are helping various things in water utility industry.

Our servicing range comes this far.


Operation management

We provide facility management service for the water utility owner. In order to perform water purification treatment suitable for given day's quality of the raw water and to operate each water facility according to the water distribution situation, we manage the operation allocating the needed staff members by taking into account such matters affecting the working shifts such as business or non-business days of the local government and for the facility operation requiring 24/7 service, etc.

  • Drafting the best operation plan
  • Implementation of smooth operation management and reporting to the asset owner (public water utility)
  • Drafting and Updating of manual for regular operation and for emergency situation

Water quality inspection

To produce water meeting water quality standards, safe and clean water is supplied by inspecting and measuring water quality in the clean water process according to change of water quality of raw water. "Raw water quality inspection", "Water quality inspection during water treatment process", "daily water quality inspection", etc.

  • Drafting water quality inspection plan
  • Sure daily water quality inspection and result analysis
  • Inspect water quality regularly and organize or analyze the results
  • Draft and update water quality control manual

Repair & maintenance management

Repair & maintenance management consists of daily patrol visual inspection which calls for the good senses of anomaly of the operator and scheduled maintenance & inspection using testing instruments, etc.
Such activities are necessary jobs for extending operational life of facilities and preventing the occurrence of any accidents in advance.

  • Drafting a maintenance work education plan
  • Patrol inspection and result analysis (preventive maintenance)
  • High quality scheduled maintenance & inspection and result analysis (preventive maintenance)
  • Minor repair (corrective maintenance)

Risk management

We will work on to establish a strong system, draft and update full range of manuals and provide education and training programs to operators. In order to supply water stably at all times. We promise water facility owners (our customers) that we will be the best business partner. We arrange wide area emergency supports across Japan and we signed the cooperation agreement with the customers in case of disaster.

  • Organization chart in case of emergencies
  • Education and training program
  • On-site security to strengthen crime prevention
  • Repair against the sudden failure

Purchase management and hygiene management

On behalf of water facility owners (users), we order, receive, inspect chemicals and fuel and manages the payment of electricity bills and communication charges.

  • Purchase management on power, chemicals and fuel , etc.
  • Cleaning of the facilities
  • Management of greenery

Community contribution

We feel that social contributions to our serving local community in Japan are our important jobs. This includes such things as active recruiting of local people, water facility inspection programs, etc. We promote programs for our local communities.

  • Easy-to-understand briefing for visitors
  • Active cooperation for training operators from abroad

Water supply equipment management

We manage water supply equipment, from consultation and acceptance of water supply equipment construction - design review and to the last stage of completion inspection. We will also do the collection of water supply subscription fees.

Simple Lesson on how private water service works

In studying the feasibility of a variety of business models, including partial outsourcing or full outsourcing of public water utility service, it is very important to grasp the jobs of water supply service by the local government and what are the objectives for outsourcing. By defining the outsourcing scope and purpose, you could identify the required quality level of private water service provider. Then the selection method of the private water service provider and transition work required until the commencement of private water service.

Steps for outsourcing contract

  • Feasibility study (preparation) for partial outsourcing or full outsourcing (outsourcing works scope and the purposes of outsourcing)
  • Planning for outsourcing migration (method for private service provider selection)
  • Outsourcing contract
  • Handing over of water supply service to private water service provider
  • Start of the private water supply service
  • *Here are the detailed replies to"FAQs".

Q. What types of outsourcing service do you provide?

Partial outsourcing (Consignment where the Water Supply Service Act is not applicable) Partial business outsourcing (Water Supply Service Act: Non-Statutory Outsourcing)

This is an outsourcing that has been conventionally carried out under responsibility of the public water utilities.
This refers to outsourcing that has been conventionally performed under the responsibility of the public water utilities (water supply operators).
Basically, it is based on “specification orders”, but in recent years, as a method of utilizing the originality and ingenuity of the consignee (private sector), there are “package orders” for tasks that are strongly related to each other, and “performance orders” with the required level of work as the contract responsibility.
Scope of responsibility
All responsibilities under the Water Supply Service Act lie with the public water utility (water supply operator) , and the contractor (private water supply provider) has contractual responsibilities under private law.
Appointment of Water Supply Services Technical Administrator
Consignor client side: Necessary, Consignee side: Unnecessary

Outsourcing to a third party (statutory outsourcing under the Water Supply Act)

It was established by the revised Water Supply Service Act (Article 24-3) that was enacted in April 2002.
As one of the strengthening of the management system in the water supply business, this is a system that allows technical works related to water supply management to be outsourced to a third party.
Scope of Responsibility
Contracting to a third party under the Water Supply Service Act is the contracting of technical works that entail responsibility under the Water Supply Service Act. Within the scope of consignment, the provisions of the Water Supply Service Act shall apply to the consignee, and the relevant provisions shall not apply to the consignor.
Appointment of Water Supply Services Technical Administrator
Consignor side: Necessary or unnecessary, Consignee: Necessary

Q. What types of order methods are available for the public water utility (water supply operator) ?

Contract determination methods Outline Merits Demerits
Open competitive bidding
  • Bidding in which people who satisfy certain participation requirements can participate in the competition freely.
  • The person who participates in competition and bids at the minimum price is determined as the successful bidder.
  • Fairness and transparency of bidding are high and monitoring by third party is easy.
  • It is possible to select a vendor with emphasis on cost reduction by maintaining high competitiveness.
  • It is difficult to eliminate bad and disqualified vendors.
  • A person who is not capable of executing business may make a successful bid and quality of work may be degraded.
  • Damping caused by excessive competition may occur.
Selective bidding
  • The procuring service selects specified persons who are considered as applicable with conditions including technical strength, financial power and credit and the person who makes a bid at the minimum price is determined as the successful bidder.
  • Reliable contractors are selected.
  • Certain competitiveness is ensured.
  • Number of competition participants is limited, thus competitiveness becomes low compared to open competitive bidding.
  • Participants are appointed regardless of intention to participate in competition, thus the number of persons who reject bidding increases.
Comprehensive evaluation bidding method
(Open competitive bidding and selective bidding)
  • The person whose conditions including technical strength were the best among people who tendered a bid within the predetermined price range is determined as the successful bidder.
  • The person who made the bid at the minimum price does not always make a successful bid, thus sound vendors having technical power can be developed based on this system.
  • Discussion is held by an unbiased evaluation committee, thus bad and disqualified vendors can be eliminated.
  • Selecting and securing people of experience or academic standing are required.
  • Selection capability of procuring service is required when evaluating technical power of participants.
  • Procedures for making a bid and concluding agreement are complicated, thus it may take time to complete the contract.
Proposal system
(private contract)
  • Applicants are selected based on the technical proposal and the person whose proposal had the highest rating is determined as the person who has the highest refusal right.
  • Consignee can be selected by putting emphasis on contents of proposal (technical power, etc.).
  • Flexible order range is possible because inventive ideas in the technical proposal can be adopted as addition of specification.
  • Selection capability of procuring service is required when evaluating technical power of participants.
  • Cost for preparing the proposal is charged to participants, thus certain financial ability is required and the number of participants may be limited.

Products and technologies that are useful for the repair & maintenance service sites.

This is an example of Meiden products that are useful on various sites.
We have developed products that are convenient for repair and maintenance work with our unique viewpoint.

Automatic water sampling device

Twenty liters of pure water is collected once a day at level 4 and level 3 facilities according to "measures policy for cryptosporidium in water utility". This is the device used for storing samples obtained from water injected into the plastic tank or collected water for 14 or more days.

  • Collecting 20 liters of water in the plastic container every day at the predetermined time.
  • A set of 8 tanks is used and unit is replaced once a week.
  • Checking operation, grasping integrated flow rate and emission of alarm for water leak are performed with the installed monitoring terminal (Web monitoring).
  • Surrounding situation can be checked with the camera equipped with the mobile camera platform.

External appearance of device

External appearance of device

Monitoring screen (image)

Monitoring system for solar power (stand-alone power source)

This system allows the Web monitoring and measurement by installing a package consisting of stand-alone power source - "solar power unit", measuring devices and wireless communication unit. This was developed for locations where there is no power supply and measurement monitoring is not possible such as a water reservoir in remote mountainous area.

Stand-alone power supply system
Constructing the monitoring system of facility information (water level, flow rate, turbidity, temperature and opening, etc.) by using natural energy (sunlight)
Minimum remote monitoring device
Remote terminal unit data could be browsed through minimum IT gears such as PC, mobile phone and iPad, etc.
Equipped with multi-functions
Streaming of video images through the web monitoring camera

Installation example

Installing solar panels and telecom unit in the raw water area

Example of installation in the raw water area

Example of installation at the water reservoir

Image taken by the web monitoring camera

In early winter


Appearance of package


Our cloud computing service is the SaaS type* one-stop service for water supply service.
We streamline customers' water supply service by offering outsourcing services on system operation management and repair and maintenance service as well as offering our monitoring control technology and remote monitoring service. In offering such services, we drew on our engineering resources and know-hows cultivated through our private water supply service experiences.