All functionally integrated control & protection system for hydroelectric power station

Hydroelectric power systemsAll Functionally Integrated Control & Protection System for Hydroelectric Power Station

This is a system integrating the key functions for hydroelectric power stations, including programmable logic controller, governor control, excitation control, protective relay functions, and communication function.

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Product Features

External view of the panel
Inside of the panel

This is an ultra-compact type control & protection system which offers high functions and low cost. It contributes the cost reduction for small & medium capacity hydroelectric power stations.

  • High reliability and safety
  • Space-saving
  • Labor saving in maintenance & inspection
  • We offer a rich variety of system offerings.

Specifications & models

Click here for a list of the specifications and the models of
the all functionally integrated control & protection system for hydroelectric power station (PDF:536KB)

System configuration

Very compact design system equipped with the necessary functions for hydroelectric power station

[Example] Reduction of control cables with the remote I/O function

The subunit equipped with I/O function can be remotely operated from a maximum of 500 m of the length of the optical fiber between the optical FA buses.
The control signal cables can be reduced with optical connection by installing a remote I/O panel equipped with the subunit on the floor of the hydraulic turbine and generator in the power station with a vertical shaft machine.

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