Outline of Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing servicesCloud Computing Service for Water Suppliers

Our cloud computing service for water suppliers is the SaaS type (*) one-stop service for water services.
Our service will streamline customers' water supply operations. This was made possible through our remote control technologies, remote monitoring services, and our expertise learned from the experiences on water supply system operations, contract facility management and total business process outsourcing services on water supply business.
* SaaS(Software as a Service): A business model in which licensed software is used via Internet


Example of display of tablet and PC
  • It is possible to make the the system introduction gradually from one on-site terminal unit.
  • Through the browser, you could get many jobs (monitoring, etc.) done and it enables you to find out the environmental change at the early stage.
  • Our service lineup includes wide area monitoring and asset management.
  • You can select from the necessary option services only. It allows you to build the business-related IT system at low cost .
  • It secures the customers' business continuity by firmly secure the corporate data by the through disaster recovery configuration.


We provide the one-stop service of various services focusing on the wide area facility monitoring including live image monitoring, facility management, water quality control, demand forecast, water pipeline management, municipal utility account and work related to general affairs.
We are going to add other services to meet the customers' needs as needed.


System configuration

Measurement data is collected at the data center via on-site communication terminal.
Customer can use measurement data by accessing the data center from a Web-ready PC or smart device.

Application example

Service linkage between wide area monitoring service and video images monitoring service

If the alarm notifying decrease of inflow or lower water level goes off, it is possible to respond quickly by checking whether there is clogging at the intake screen through on-site video images.
If the turbidity error alarm goes off, it is possible to improve quality of operation and management by visually checking water quality in the area near intake and turbidity of the receiving well.

Inspection by the facility equipment management service

Inspection as a part of the facility management service by the conventional inspection using papers, it was necessary to bring the inspection sheet, past inspection results, camera and manual, etc. In the inspection function of facility management service, it is possible to perform inspection by referring a tablet (smartphone) only. The past inspection results and manual can be checked at site easily using such devices. thus it leads to the streamlining of inspection work.
In addition, if there is an abnormality, the update of the on-site situation can be easily shared by indicating the defective point as shown in this photo taken there. Thus, it is possible to troubleshoot quickly.

Case Study