TypeC(Diskless model)
TypeH4(HDD or SSD model)

Industrial controllersIndustrial Controller UA045 Type

Compact industrial controller that is most suitable for built-in unit application

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Product Features

Most suitable for built-in unit application by its compact size: width 160 mm, height 148 mm, and depth 250 mm (diskless model). Excellent scalability by using the old and new standard boards: the PCI bus and the PCI Express bus (x 8).
It realized 24/7 running high reliability and easy user interface like PC. A maximum of 4 HDD drives or 4 SSD drives can be installed by adding a modular bay. Additional hard disk drive can be also installed by adding a modular bay to fit the application. (First released in February 2013)

  • Various extension modules can be used by installing one PCI slot (short size) and two PCI Express slots (x 8) (short size)
  • Core i7/2.53 GHz installed (Corei7 is a registered trademark of Intel Corp. in the US.)
  • It can install a large capacity memory: maximum total 8 GB (4GB x 2 memory cards)
  • UL standards compliant
  • VCCI/FCC standards compliant
  • It can be applied for a wide voltage range.
  • More tough design like noise resistance
  • Overall cooling by a front-face long-life cooling fan
  • SSD installed model complies with the vibration impact test standard: JIS E4031 for railroad vehicle.
  • RAS function comes as standard.

Applications and Solutions

Applied equipment example: Line external appearance inspection device

  • The image data can be captured from various cameras by installing an image process board in the PCI Express bus (x 8).
  • COM and general-purpose DI/DO are used in the camera control.
  • The inspection data are saved in hard disks of maximum 2 TB (500 GB x 4 disks).
  • It can make 24/7 continuous operation.

Applied system example: Overhead catenary system (OCS) inspection system

  • Application to an onboard computer for the Overhead catenary system (OCS) inspection system.
  • This controller manages the capturing process of inspection images, data saving of captured images, and lighting control
  • It complies with the relevant railway standard and has the on-board vibration tolerance.
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