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Water purification systemsMembrane filtration system for drinking water treatment plant

Recently, after organizational restructurings and mass retirements of experienced technical staff, securing the experienced engineers and inheriting their skills have been big challenges in the water utility industry. Given such situation,the need for easty-to-use and solid performance drinking water treatment systems is on the rise.


Meiden provides compact and simple membrane filtration system. Our product offers higher turbidity removal performance and removal of chlorine-resistant protozoa including cryptosporidium compared to conventional water purification systems.

Raw Water Quality-based Optional Equipment

We provide various water treatment systems for removing chemical substances and hazardous substances that are dissolved into raw water and cannot be removed only with membrane filtration.

Coagulant feedimg system
This is an unit to make soluble suspension substances in raw water into microflocs. Cleaning times of the membrane are reduced and collection rate is increased by performing fully automatic optimum injection rate control through a controller.
Unit for deferrization and demanganizatoin
This unit is used for removing iron and manganese dissolved into raw water.
Deferrization: Iron is insolubilized with prechlorination, and removed with contact filtration and membrane filtration.
Demanganizatoin: Manganese is treated with contact filtration using manganese sand as filter medium by use of a manganese treatment tower or membrane filtration with a small amount of prechlorination.
Granular activated carbon absorption tower
This is an unit used for removing taste and odor-causing substances, anionic surface active agents, trihalomethane, organic chlorine compounds, microdoses and toxic agents including agricultural chemicals through granular activated carbon.

Support for system operation control

Remote monitoring service on error codes
We consistently provide high performance and highly reliable solutions and services for customers' water processing facility.
Meiden wireless telemetering unit
Required operation and management information can be sent from a remote location to customer via mobile phone network by using the telemetering units.
Introduction of wide area monitoring and control system
It is possible to make Web data streaming by Meiden Wireless Telemetering Unit and simultaneously monitor and control drinking water treatment plant facilities at multiple sites with Web terminal (like PC tablet) at a remote location.
Aqua Smart Cloud service and ASP (Application Service Provider) service
Each service is provided according to subscription by using the Internet.
Customers can use the latest services through Web-ready devices including laptop PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs.