R&D Strategy and Organization

Role of R&D in Medium-Term Management Plan 2024

Both existing and new business areas need to be considered when determining which technology areas the Meiden Group should work on to achieve its global vision. Making ongoing QCD (quality, cost and delivery) improvements to existing business areas is an important requirement for enhancing product competitiveness, but new products and business areas also need to be created to ensure the Group’s growth.
Meidensha’s two-pronged management approach combines enhancing the competitiveness of existing business areas with developing new products and business areas. R&D that underpins this approach will be essential for giving the Company the innovation and foresight capabilities needed to adapt to a changing business environment while helping to perfect the type of R&D needed to continually generate new value. The fundamental requirements for this type of R&D will be making ongoing refinements to the underlying technologies behind Meidensha’s products and technologies, while augmenting and expanding the strategic intellectual property activities underlying our business and R&D.

'Competing for the present, building for the future': Creating future earnings streams while ensuring a reliable flow of existing earnings streams

Organization of R&D Division

To provide the R&D results underlying Meidensha’s two-pronged management approach, the R&D Division works on R&D activities at three research centers located at the Osaki R&D Center and the Numazu Works—the Advanced Technology Research Center, the Product Technology Research Center and the Fundamental Technology Research Center. The Advanced Technology Research Laboratories works on innovative workforce hiring and development, and creates systems for executing research topics. The Product Technology Research Center works on product design and concrete product development designed to enable the timely release of competitive products. The Basic & Core Technology Research Center makes ongoing refinements to the underlying technologies behind Meidensha’s business areas—analysis, assessments and high-power testing.

R&D Division Providing R&D underpinning Meidensha's two-pronged management approach

Advanced Technology Research Center

Promotion and implementation of elemental technology development to create new businesses and deepen existing businesses

Product Technology Research Center

Works to grow existing business areas by developing elemental technologies, product technologies and products

Basic & Core Technology Research Center

Companywide and Group assistance (such as technical support and specialized education)