Information Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Approach

To ensure that our corporate activities are transparent, and that stakeholders such as our customers, our shareholders, investors, and local communities have a correct understanding of and confidence in our business, Meidensha Corporation (hereafter "the Company") and its group (hereafter "Meiden Group") disclose their corporate overview at appropriate times in accordance with a pre-established set of rules.
To forge good relationships of trust with our shareholders and investors in particular, we implement communication measures based on voluntary disclosure of information.

2. Criteria for information disclosure

  1. (1)We disclose information as promptly as possible in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other relevant laws and regulations (hereafter "Laws and Regulations"), and "Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities" (hereafter "Timely Disclosure Rules") set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc.
    With regard to information that cannot be disclosed for reasons of our business operation, we clarify why disclosure is not possible.
  2. (2)Even when Laws and Regulations do not apply to particular information, and/or the information does not meet the criteria for disclosure stated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, we actively and fairly disclose the information if it may help our shareholders and investors gain a better understanding of the Company and the Meiden Group.

3. How we disclose our information

  1. (1)We disclose information that meets the criteria for disclosure specified in the Timely Disclosure Rules, and information that is deemed to be helpful for our shareholders and investors, via the timely disclosure information system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  2. (2)We actively disclose any information other than that stated above as necessary depending on its content via press releases, briefing sessions, press conferences, and by other appropriate means if the information may help improve understanding of the Company.
  3. (3)Information that has been disclosed based on (1) and (2) above is promptly published on the Company's website.

4. Silent period

To prevent any leakage of information about the Company's account settlement, and to ensure fairness, we observe a silent period between the account closing date and the date of announcement of our financial results. During this period, we do not make any comments or reply to any inquiries concerning the account settlement.

5. Prevention of insider trading

As soon as company overview is made public by any of the following means, the action of official announcement defined by the insider trading regulations is completed:

  1. 01As soon as 12 hours have passed since the information is made available to two or more news media
  2. 02As soon as the information is published on the information disclosure system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange

6. About future forecasts (disclaimer)

Information that the Company discloses may include not only earnings forecasts to be published in the Financial Result, but also descriptions about future outlooks, including earnings forecasts, planning, and business strategies. In all cases, except those concerning facts in the past, the descriptions are forecasts that the Company has made based on information available at that time, and thus they involve potential risks and uncertainty. Hence, please note that our actual performance may differ significantly from the described future outlooks.