01 Make

Meidensha manufactures power generating equipment that makes or generates electricity. Our products ranges widely from large turbine generators, photovoltaic power generation and hydroelectric generating facilities that use renewable energy sources, to emergency power generating facilities that play an important role in case of a disaster. Meidensha supplies power facilities of all sizes, from large-capacity facilities for power stations to small to medium capacity facilities for commercial complexes and mobile power facilities.

02 Send

Electricity generated at each power station goes through transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines. As it goes, the voltage is stepped down before delivered to factories, buildings and our homes. Meidensha transformers are used to change (transform) voltage and Meidensha breakers to cut off large current that occurs in accidents. These Meidensha products are essential for safe and reliable electricity transmission and distribution.

03 Change

Meidensha power electronics technology changes or converts electricity from AC to DC, or vice versa, and controls such conversion of power. Our power electronics technology that started a long time ago with mercury-arc rectifiers has evolved, meeting the needs of the time for energy saving and improved reliability. The technology is now utilised in various fields that require electric power, including various kinds of power source equipment, railway facilities, production facilities, electric vehicles, renewable energy systems and battery systems.

04 Move

Meidensha motors and automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems help improve the efficiencies at production sites. Meidensha automobile testing systems help develop electric and hybrid-electric vehicle drive systems that are friendly to the environment. Meidensha elevator drive systems help elevators provide powerful, smooth and comfortable ride quality. Meidensha "move" techonology together with our eco-friendly technology paves the way for quality lives.

05 Control

Meidensha controls energy as reliably and efficiently as only a heavy electrical equipment manufacturer with a long experience in infrastructure can. Meidensha controls distributed power sources and heat source facilities to minimize the total energy costs on electric and gas charges. Meidensha also optimally controls theenergy networking among multiple locations within one business. The Meidensha Smart Energy Management System (EMS) uses ICT technology to support new energy management.

06 Care (Protect)

Meidensha not only manufactures and sells electrical equipment and facilities but also provides a one-stop service for installation, maintenance and upgrading of them as well as operation and maintenance services. Meidensha guards the integrity of facilities with our reliable technical expertise.