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2. Get the Shinkansen to run through the undersea tunnel.


Hokkaido's first Shinkansen will be coming through a tunnel deeper than the sea.It will take an hour to travel approximately 149 kilometers from Shin-Aomori to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station.For the Hokkaido Shinkansen to pass through the Seikan Tunnel, traction power supply facilities must be installed inside the tunnel.Meidensha supports safe operation of the Shinkansen with both traction power supply equipment and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system.


The Seikan Tunnel, opened on March 13, 1988, is 53.85 kilometers long and 240 meters below the sea level at the deepest point.

1.A new gateway to Hokkaido
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The new Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station building is designed to give the warmth of nature and will accommodate an "antenna shop" that sells local souvenirs as well as a visitor information space.

2.A secret passage into the Seikan Tunnel
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A narrow tunnel for workers leads into the main tracks in the Seikan Tunnel where the Shinkansen will run. The workers take the utmost care on the tracks as they head to the substation in the tunnel.

3.Substation facilities inside the tunnel
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A substation facility is installed in a work gallery extending sideways from the main tracks. There are expert engineering skills that supports the safe operation of the train even in places hard to see from the train.

4. A race with time working at night
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Existing passenger and freight trains go through the tunnel day and night, so the massive transformer is carried in in the middle of the night, when relatively few trains are running.

5.A world first product supporting Hokkaido's first Shinkansen
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The Shin-Hakodate Substation (left photo) will feed traction power to the Shinkansen. Here is installed the world's first vacuum circuit breaker that can withstand an extra high voltage of 204 kilovolts, the world’s highest voltage for any vacuum circuit breaker that is in service (right photo).

6.A wisdom unique to a substation in a snow country
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Hakodate is locacted in the south of Hokkaido, but still has over three meters of snow falls on average per year. Transformers (left photo) are guarded with roofs (right photo) against snow buildup.

7.A substation factility and management system that ensure safety
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Each substation has control equipment (left photo), which is centrally monitored and controlled from the control room (right photo). A user-friendly interface adds more to the Shinkansen’s safety.

8.The KVMRT will accelerate urban growth
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Mount Hakodate is known for one of the best three great night views of the world. The Hokkaido Shinkansen now sparkles the city in the daytime as well by giving a new vibrancy to the life of the city.


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