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3. Bring a Light to a Laotian Village.


The Lao People's Democratic Republic is a country of forests and mountains. Blessed by the Mekong River, the country is rich in water resources. Hydropower is a big business in Laos, which even exports power to neighbors such as Thailand and Vietnam. Yet, at the same time, many remote villages are without electricity. Meidensha joined a grant aid project run by JICA to help build a mini-hydropower plant.


In February 2015, a new mini-hydropower plant, with a maximum output of 450 kilowatts, was built in Phongsaly Province at the northern end of Laos. The project has brought electricity to about 600 households in the area.

1.Ready for the Laotian climate
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Laos is blessed with rich water resources. More than 85 percent of the country has electricity. Urban areas are bright and bustling at night.

2.A 20% electrification rate in remote areas
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Phongsaly Province in the north of the country has much low electricification rate than is typical in Laos. In 2012, the electrification rate was only about 20 percent. The gap in electrification between urban and rural areas is a key political issue for Laos.

3.Why mini-hydropower?
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Mini-hydropower is ideal because it is an eco-friendly, low-cost, efficient way to use the flow of small to medium size natural waterways to generate electricity.

4.Ready for the Laotian climate
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For efficiency, the three water turbine generators (left) are individually turned on and off in accordance with the volume of water flow that varies widely between the dry season and the rainy season.

5.From the Ohta Factory to the world
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Generators and control equipment are designed and manufactured at our factory in the city of Ohta in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. The factory makes a variety of products that are customised to meet different order requirements and the environments in which they will be used.

6.Even a big infrastructure is made with human hands.
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It may be surprising that a big generator, as high as several meters, requires human hands in some production processes. Expert skills of each of our staff ensure the quality and safety of our products.

7.Electricity changes people's lives
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The electrification project has raised the electrification rate in Phongsaly Province to more than 40 percent. The stable supply of electricity is offering villagers better lives.

8.Energy changes villages' futures
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Study, work, dreams for future: Electricity does not only make life more convenient, but also gives energy to open up worlds of new possibilities.


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