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4. Giving new life to a power station deep in the jungle

Batang Ai power station was constructed in 1984 in southern Sarawak, Malaysia.Meidensha delivered a full power generation facility, including four generators and a control system for this hydropower station. Despite a thermal power station located nearby, the Batang Ai power station is one of the most vital power supply facilities in the region, as a hydropower station operates on a renewable energy source of water and can provide a stable supply of electricity.Some 30 years have passed since the power station had been completed, and Meidensha has regularly overhauled the plant every 10 years or so to ensure a long-term operation and a stable supply of electricity.Meidensha will continue to support the operation of the Batang Ai power station and a vital lifeline for the local communities.

Borneo, an island of rainforests
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The island of Borneo, where the state of Sarawak is located. A popular tourist destination that is rich with an abundance of nature.

An essential power station for life in the region
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The power station generates electricity for some 160,000 households nearby, including the state capital of Kuching.

Delivering the power generation facility
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Meidensha delivered a full power generation system (including 4 generators, control panels and transformers). The system give a maximum power generation capacity of 108 MW (approximately 1/3 of the Kurobegawa No. 4 Hydropower Plant).

Beginning the first overhaul in 10 years
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The first step was to lift the generators that are installed underground, and dismantle them. The rotor inside the generator is 4.2m in diameter and 90t in weight.

Checking the massive rotor in detail
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Every detail of the rotor was examined for loose coil clamps and bolts, and then varnish was applied to renew the insulation.

Completely overhauling all 252 coils
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The wedges that held the stator coils in place were checked for looseness. There were a total of 252 coils, and each and every one of them was examined meticulously, and if wedges were found to be loose, they were hammered back in tight again and were given a new coat of varnish.

Checking thousands of parts, from bolts to bearings
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Each and every bolt of every component was inspected, and was replaced with a new one if damage was found. Finally, the bearing metals were checked thoroughly for any breakage or cracking.

Mounting the 4.2 m rotor with a 19 mm gap
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Mounting the massive rotor inside the stator with just a 19 mm gap was the key to installation. With a whole new lease on life thus given, the power station would be able to supply electricity to the local communities for another 10 years.


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