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5. Power the Railway to Open up a Future

From small errands to work and school commutes to big trips, railways are an essential part of the infrastructure that large numbers of people use every day to lead their daily lives.
Railways, having evolved to transport people and things faster, farther, and in greater quantities have supported national development and urban growth.
Railways, at the same time, are hoped to become an ace as environmentally friendly transport infrastructure. So, many cities all over the world are accelerating to develop rail transport systems.
Meidensha, an infrastructure company with electrical engineering expertise, is hoping to be a driving force, as railways make people's lives better throughout the world and open up a new future.
Meidensha, with its technologies for traction power supply to overhead catenary inspection systems, will support railways not only in Japan, but also abroad, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia.

Meidensha supports railways all across Japan
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All the Shinkansen high-speed train lines, many existing railways and private railways throughout Japan rely on Meidensha electrical technology for their safe and reliable operations.

Meidensha supports overseas railways
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Starting from a national railway project in Indonesia in 1976, Meidensha has supplied electrical equipment for overseas railways in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and others. Meidensha continues to support railways that keep running to the future.

Singapore's rail network covers an area about the size of the 23 special wards of Tokyo
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Singapore’s MRT, one of the most advanced rail networks that continues to expand even today. Meidensha supplied electrical equipment to the MRT when it first opened in 1987 and is currently supplying electrical equipment to the Thomson Line that is under construction.

The Meidensha supply chain supports most advanced railways
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Products are made in both Japanese and Singaporean factories and support traction power supply. These products are supplied through this supply chain to overseas railways, especially in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar's first railway electrification project 
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Myanmar, a country of significant economic development. Meidensha has helped to electrify about 4kilometer stretch of track along the Yangon River where diesel locomotives used to run until then. This first electric railway of the country started its service in February 2015.

Ensuring safety and reliability after electrification
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The key to safe and reliable train operation is how equipment operation and maintenance are managed. In addition to supply of its products, it is also a Meidensha’s important mission to pass such engineering skills and expertise down the generations.

An OCS inspection system, such an amazing dynamic vision
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The Meidensha overhead catenary system (OCS) inspection system uses photography to inspect the wear and height of overhead lines from the roof of a train. It can catch the conditions of an overhead line that passes by at a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

The OCS inspection system is used for overseas high-speed rails
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Not only is the Meidensha OCS inspection system used in Japan for the Shinkansen and conventional and private railways, but it is also used for Taiwan High Speed Rail. The data collected by the OCS is used to optimize maintenance services and supports the safety of the railway.


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