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7.Singapore. Let us become a cornerstone of this country.


No larger than Tokyo’s 23 wards; Singapore is a little economic giant in Southeast Asia. Since its independence from Malaysia in 1965, it has shown a significant development in about half a century. Before its independence, Meidensha has been playing its part in the country’s nation-building for more than 50 years in the development of Singapore’s electric power, electric railway, and water resources infrastructure. Infrastructure is the foundation of the future and it will eventually become a history.


Over 14,000 transformers for the power network and power supply systems for the mass-rapid transit network (MRT) and flat ceramic membranes which are highly expected to offer a solution to the effective use of the water resources. Meidensha has constantly been building the infrastructure indispensable for the development of Singapore.

1. Walking together with this country for over 50 years.
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At the time of its independence in 1965, Singapore had not developed yet as a modern city state as it is today.Meidensha had been deeply involved in the infrastructure development of this country before its independence.

2. A city state systematically built to the plan.
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About 80% of the population live in apartment complexes. The residential areas spread around the central reservoirs and the city center, with an industrial area in the west and an airport in the east.

3.Building a power grid, the blood vessels of a city.
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Meidensha has delivered a total of 14,000 transformers including the Newton Circus substation. In order to promote urban development, the power grid was expanded at the same time.

4. MRT railway network running nationwide.
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In the 1980s, the construction of the MRT began. The North South Line connected the city center with the residential area, and the East West Line connecting the industrial area and the airport. Meidensha supplied the power supply systems for these electric railway lines.

5. Sufficient water supply for daily lives, for the industry,and for everyone.
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Securing water resources is an important issue to the country because of the small land and the limited water storage capacity. The purification and reuse of industrial used water is expected to offer a promising solution to the issue.

6. Singapore's first industrial used water treatment plant
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At the Jurong Water Reclamation Center, Meidensha’s flat ceramic membrane technology has helped realize reuse of industrial used water, which has been difficult with the existing filtering technologies.

7. Japanese technology that supports the Southeast Asia’ economic hub.
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Meidensha’s infrastructure technology has proved to be essential for the development of this global hub in Southeast Asia for finance, trade, and tourism.

8. People make a nation.
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Nation building begins with infrastructure development. Infrastructure is the foundation of the future. As time goes by, it becomes part of history. It is such products that we make.


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