Electricity: Taking action.


Illuminating. Heating.
Transmitting. Amplifying.

Electric power empowers people's lives
making wishes come true.

Electricity: Taking action.

Meidensha makes it its mission
to harness the power of
electricity to support people’s lives.

In what ways is
electric power taking action around you?


Electricity: Taking action. - Concept Movie

Electricity: Taking action - Concept MovieElectricity: Taking action - Concept Movie

Meidensha Corporation continues to empower people's lives with the power of electricity.

MOVIE 05 TVCM 30sec

Electricity: Taking action.- Driving the world.Electricity: Taking action.- Driving the world.

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Electricity: Taking action.- Illuminating.Electricity: Taking action.- Illuminating.

Electricity: Taking action. Empowering our lives.

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Electricity: Taking action - ThailandElectricity: Taking action. - Thailand

Electricity: Taking action. Our employees' mission all over the world.