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Regenerative Power Absorbing Controller

Regenerative power recovery systemRegenerative Power Absorbing Controller

Resistor-type regenerative power absorption system

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Product Features

KAISEI PLUS Application example
KAISEI PLUS Standard operation pattern

Our controller effectively absorbs the regenerative power generated from electric trains by PWM control, and prevents an increase of the power feeding voltage as well as deterioration of regenerative braking performance of electric trains.
This product realizes the space-saving and cost-saving and achieves highly effective regenerative power absorpotion function performance.

  • Prevention of regenerative braking performance deterioration
  • Suppression of increase of power feeding voltage

Applications and Solutions

The regenerative resistor is applied to the railway route as follows, exhibiting its power.

  • LRT system in which the regenerative resistance is not loaded in the body of a train
  • Single track section, section where the operation is less frequent
  • Difficult district can return the regenerative power to the AC side



Rated voltage DC750V
Rated current 2600-5000A
Overload capacitance Class S
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