Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Frequently asked questions about Renewable energy resource

Photovoltaic power systems

Power conditioner for solar power generation

QCan we use the outdoor panel at the the seacoast area?

The outdoor panel is not protected against salt contamination. Please use the package type panel with the specification of salt contamination resistance for the area with salt contamination risk.

QWhy do you use a transformer-inverter type?

The advantage of the transformer-inverter type is that insulation is available at the individual PCS level.  Therefore, a general purpose product can be used for power receiving and distribution system, and costs can be reduced. On the other hand, when the transformer-inverter type is used, there are some problems in system configuration because the power receiving and distributpion system  may need to have special specifications such as the need for insulation at the upper stream power transformer level.

QHow long is the operational lifetime?

The designed operational life is 20 years. However, this stipulates using it in the installation environment described in the specification, performing the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, and replacing the parts.

QDoes it come with output suppression function and power factor control function?

They are optional.

QDoes it support monitoring systems?

It supports monitoring systems compatible with our applied protocol (Modbus-RTU) using serial communication (RS485). It is compatible with almost all products by major Japanese monitoring equipment suppliers.In addition, the analog signals of a pyrheliometer and a thermometer can be incorporated.

QHow about surge protection?

A surge protection device (SPD) (class II) comes as a standard in the DC, AC, and communication circuits.