News Releases 2014Imposter Alert

We have been informed that there are e-mails from imposters attempting to contact law firms in the United States under the name of our senior executive.
The imposters are sending e-mails as if Meidensha Corporation has interest in retaining the law firm for some purpose such as assisting with M&A or business alliances.

These e-mails have been sent from free e-mail services such as “” giving the impression they were sent from authentic Meidensha Corporation addresses.

Please do not respond to such fraudulent e-mails utilizing the name of Meidensha Corporation and our senior executive or any other purported executive.

We do not take any responsibility for damages sustained in relation to any transactions that rely upon such fraudulent e-mails.

If you should receive a questionable e-mail and wish to determine whether it is authentic, please contact us at