News Releases 2016Meiden Ceramic Flat Sheet Membranes Accepted for Meeting California Title22 Requirements

Meidensha Corporation received a letter of acceptance dated June 28, 2016 from the Division of Drinking Water’s Recycled Water Unit, State Water Resources Central Board that the Unit has granted acceptance of the Meiden ceramic flat sheet membrane for compliance with the Title 22 requirements.

Title22 is California Water Recycling Criteria for wastewater reclamation. The Criteria are accepted not only in California but also within the United States.

In California and other southern regions of the US, water intake has increasingly been restricted due to water shortage and the demand for recycled wastewater is growing. As there are many recycled wastewater projects being planned by public-private partnerships, Meidensha will contribute to resolve environmental issues in the US and other parts of the world with its ceramic flat sheet membrane technology that offers features such as high resistance to mechanical and chemical damages and long-term filtration performance. 

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