News Releases 2017Meidensha to Embark on Demonstration Experiment of LPWA Network-based Disaster Prevention Monitoring Service

Meidensha Corporation (CEO: Yuji Hamasaki; Shinagawa TOKYO; “Meidensha”) announced that the company will start demonstration experiment in March 2017 for commercialization of disaster prevention monitoring service in the form of an IoT solution based on low-power, wide-area (LPWA) network to be utilized in urban water disaster countermeasures as part of disaster prevention.

In the experiment, Meidensha will monitor floods using LoRaWANTM, a type of LPWA network, grasp flood information in real time and incorporate rainfall radar information to support accurate urban water disaster countermeasures at low cost against torrential rainfalls, which have been increasing in recent years. As the first step, the company together with KDDI Corporation will carry out a demonstration experiment of flood monitoring of sewage inundation in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, with technical support from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism (MLIT).

Conventionally, 3G/LTE communication devices were attached to each manhole, whereas the use of LoRaWANTM limits the requirement for 3G/LTE communication to base stations, enabling low-cost, low-power consumption IoT communication. It enables to significantly reduce maintenance cost at municipalities that introduce the service even when sensor devices are installed over a wide area .

At the moment, Meidensha is preparing to develop a cloud-based disaster prevention platform for flood prevention and landslide prevention utilizing IoT network such as LPWA network and to offer a monitoring service. Using AI, it will analyze the data it collects from various types of IoT sensors installed over a wide area and aims to offer related information services such as information triage (prioritization of information in emergency) and prediction as well as consulting.

Meidensha aims to continue offering attractive services to the satisfaction of the local communities through IoT solution service in the social infrastructure fields led by disaster prevention monitoring. *LoRaWanTM is a trademark of Semtech Corporation.

Division of roles


Development of the IoT measurement and communication equipment environment, development of water level and precipitation monitoring environment, data compilation and preparation of reports


Identifying the problems and matters to note in administration and technology upon expanding flood information grasping in urban areas to all parts of the country


Development of IoT network and backhaul communication environment, development of data distribution environment

Atsugi City

Provision of field (Sewerage Facility Section, River and Greenery Department )

Overview of the flood monitoring service demonstration experiment

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