News Releases 2017Meiden completed substation EPC for Suzuki Motor's Gujarat plant in India


Meidensha Corporation (CEO Yuji Hamasaki; Shinagawa TOKYO; “Meiden”) announced that the company has completed a 220 kV substation EPC*1 (engineering, procurement and construction) project for the new plant of Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited (“SMG”), a four-wheeler manufacturing company established in Gujarat, India, by Suzuki Motor Corporation (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan), and the new plant started operations in February 2017.

Meiden India Pvt. Ltd., Meiden’s subsidiary in India, received the order for the Project while Prime Meiden Limited (“PML”), a transformer manufacturer and substation EPC company, supplied two transformers and carried out overall construction work. The 220 kV substation has the highest level of voltage*2 among power transmission and distribution EPC projects implemented by a Japanese electronics manufacturer for a customer in India.

Meiden sets forth India as one of the regions crucial in its transformer business strategy and had been investing in PML as the business base. It turned PML into a subsidiary by increasing its stake in shares of the company in June 2016 in an effort to leverage its functions to the maximum extent and expand sales.

Meiden boasts an abundant track record in delivering substation equipment to Japanese companies based overseas, primarily in Southeast Asia. As the economy of emerging countries develop and demand for power transmission and distribution equipment by Japanese companies’ production facilities abroad increases, the company aims to win more orders for substation equipment projects for Japanese companies expanding into not only ASEAN but also India by leveraging the technology and project management capability of PML to the maximum extent and reinforcing the structure for handling package orders for substation equipment projects in India.

*1. EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction
*2. Source: Research by Meiden

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