News Releases 2017Meiden receives preliminary order of 12 mobile substations for Ministry of Electricity of Iraq

Meidensha Corporation (President: Yuji Hamasaki; Shinagawa, Tokyo; “Meiden”) announced that it has received preliminary order from Toyota Tsusho Corporation (President: Jun Karube; Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture; “Toyota Tsusho”) for supplying 12 units 132/33kV mobile substations for the Ministry of Electricity of the Republic of Iraq.

Iraq faces continuing power shortages, with outages for seven to eight hours per day on average. Power plants are being newly built and renovated, but with the increase of power supply, there is an urgent need for new substations.

In such circumstances, Toyota Tsusho received an order from the Ministry of Electricity of the Republic of Iraq for a project to construct stationary and mobile substations for approximately 60 billion yen, the largest-scale project ordered to a Japanese company after the Iraq War in 2003. Meiden is to supply the mobile substations.

Meiden has been supplying mobile substations to Iraq since the late 1970s and the supply record reached 181 units including this order. In addition to 132kV mobile substations, Meiden has supplied over 100 units 132kV or 33kV stationary substations to the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq since 1978.

Transformer primary

Rated voltage (kV)


Rated breaking capacity (kA)


Transformer capacity (MVA)


Connection system

Overhead transmission line, bus bar of the substation

Earthing system

Earthed Neutral


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