News Releases 2017Meiden introduces 4 new care programs for employees

Meidensha Corporation (“Meiden”) announced it has introduced four new staff support programs in April 2017, which aim to create a work environment in which all employees can realize their full potential while they care for their children or elders.

Meiden positions the promotion of diversity as a management strategy. Meiden established a diversity promotion office in 2015 and has been enhancing various programs to support childcare and nursing care. The new programs aim to further improve the work environment so that employees can keep working through diverse life events. They include a program designed to make it easier for male employees to participate in the raising of their children and a program to enable coming back to work while continuing to care for children.

Childcare support

■ Support program for extraordinary childcare

Meiden will provide up to 20,000 yen a year for childcare fees (such as for nursery school drop-offs and pickups and babysitters) outside of ordinary child care fees but necessary for an employee to balance work and child rearing, for children up to third grade.

■ Support program for early return to work
Meiden will provide an incentive of eight additional days of paid vacation for employees who return to work within six months of birth or four additional days for employees who return after more than six months but within one year. The rationale is that it is expected that employees who return from their childcare leave after less than one year will need additional vacation time to accommodate infants’ need for immunizations and vulnerability to infections and to recover from their own physical fatigue.

■ Support program for short-term childcare leave
While ordinarily an employee taking childcare leave would not be paid, Meiden will provide 100 percent pay insofar as annual and accumulated paid vacation days suffice if the leave is less than a month. Meiden particularly hopes that this program will help fathers take childcare leave without being seen as absent from work.

Nursing care support

■ Shortened schedules for nursing care: shortening by a day

Previously, Meiden employees could shorten their schedules by 1 hour, 45 minutes or 45 minutes per day for nursing care, but now Meiden will offer the option of schedules shortened by a day (working four days a week) to accommodate needs for nursing care for a full day, such as when adult day care centers are closed on a weekday.

Meiden will continue to build a company environment that allows employees to work to their full potential while realizing work-life balance.
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