News Releases 2017Japanese singer May J. sings corporate image song for Meiden’s 120th anniversary

Meidensha Corporation (President: Yuji Hamasaki; Shinagawa, Tokyo; “Meiden”) revealed a corporate song that was created as a part of its 120th anniversary project. The song will be used in various events inside and outside the company from April 2017 for the rest of the year.

The production of the song was motivated by a desire to express gratitude toward the people who have contributed to Meiden’s progress over the years in a song that everyone can share, from a perspective of diversity, to foster unity among all staff and promote the continued development of Meiden’s business.

Meiden 120th Anniversary Song: "One to Love"
Lyrics: Risa Horie
Music: Yuki Ohtawara
Vocals: May J.

For a sample and lyrics, see the Meiden 120th anniversary website.

Meiden 120th anniversary website


This song was written using phrases gathered from Meiden staff and their families around the world. Involving staff in the production process of the song has helped to foster unity among the group. The completed song is performed by May J., famous for singing the Japanese theme song of Frozen. Both Japanese and English versions are being produced so that Meiden staff all over the world can share the meaning of the lyrics. The title“One to Love” is a play on the number 120—one, two, love (as in tennis). The title also indicates the company Shigemune started as “one” of many electrical repair shops has since become loved by the many people connected to the numerous products and services Meiden provides for people it cares deeply about.


May J.’s comments

Congratulations on the 120th anniversary of the founding of Meidensha. I’m happy to be singing “One to Love”, the corporate image song. The creation of the song began with phrases from all of Meidensha’s employees. This made me feel the passions for your work and feelings toward the future. So to meet your feelings, I thought I would put my feeling in each phrase one by one during the recording. Let’s bring our heart together with “One to Love”. 

May J.’s profile

May J. is a multilingual singer of Japanese, Persian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, and British background. She studied dance, piano, and opera from an early age, and has great skills in songwriting and singing while playing the piano. Her outstanding technical prowess, clear and delicate yet powerful voice, and forward-looking, positive attitude have earned her affection and support among listeners of all ages. She made her major-label debut in July 12, 2006, with the EP All My Girls. She sand the theme song for the Japanese version of Disney’s phenomenal record-smashing blockbuster Frozen in 2014. In the same year, she made her first appearance in Japan’s 65th Red & White Year-End Song Festival. In January 2015, she made her first solo performance at Japan’s top venue, the Nippon Budokan. In 2016, she celebrated the 10th anniversary of her debut. (From the May J. Official Website)

This year marks Meiden’s 120th anniversary. Meiden will continue to move forward as a business that supports social infrastructure and opens the way to a more prosperous future.

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