News Releases 2017Meiden starts private-public water project in eastern Gunma

A group of companies led by Meidensha Corporation (President: Yuji Hamasaki; Shinagawa, Tokyo; “Meiden”), with Gunma Toubu Waterworks Company (Ota, Gunma Prefecture), jointly funded and established Gunma Tobu Suido Service Co., Ltd. (“the new company”). A comprehensive project started April 1, 2017 for operation and expansion of the waterworks.

With the 2002 revision in the Water Supply Act, Meiden has become the first private business contracted by the city of Ota to maintain and manage waterworks operation. In 2007, Meiden established Advanced Business Service*2 to undertake a comprehensive project encompassing all aspects of waterworks operation. Now, Gunma Toubu Waterworks Company has decided to unify its waterworks and commission a comprehensive project that covers its entire scope (3 cities and 5 towns). The new company has started operations in the fields including integration of existing operations and renewal of aged facilities. The project is scheduled to take eight years, from April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2025.

The project is very conceptually advanced in that it entrusts a public-private joint venture with a broad range of activities including comprehensive operation from water intake to the tap and construction work.

Scope of Gunma Toubu Waterworks Company

Established Company

his year marks Meiden’s 120th anniversary. Meiden will continue to provide for safe and reliable water supply as a business that supports social infrastructure and answers diversifying infrastructure needs to realize a more prosperous future.

Jobs encompassed by the project




Management of water treatment facilities※3

Operational management of water purification plants and pumping stations


Maintenance of pipelines

Inspection of water lines, investigation of leaks, emergency repair of major leaks


Operation of water supply equipment

Acceptance and design review of water supply works, replacement of meters


Collection of water bills

Acceptance of meter readings and starts and stops of water supply, collection of bills


Management of water business

Support for budgeting and settlement, issuance of order forms


Renewal of aged facilities※3

Renewal and seismic reinforcement of aged plants, etc.


Design for pipeline renewal and supervision of construction

Design for upgrade of aged water lines to earthquake-resistant models and supervision of construction


Reconstruction of facilities※3

Consolidation of facilities to ensure stable water supply with efficient investment


Reconstruction of pipelines

Preparation of water lines for consolidation of facilities

Management of water treatment facilities
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Renewal and reconstruction of aged facilities

Meaning of “comprehensive project”

Previously, waterworks organizations have contracted private businesses for specific jobs such as management of plants, maintenance of pipelines, or collection of bills. A comprehensive project is one in which such jobs are contracted together, comprehensively. It can manage waterworks operation more efficiently.

Meiden Outsourcing Service for Water Utility Operations

※1 According to Meiden research

※2 Joint venture of Meiden and GCC Co., Ltd.
※3 Handled by Meiden

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