News Releases 2017Meiden started a novel safety management system featuring augmented reality glasses

Meidensha Corporation this month started a novel safety management system featuring augmented reality glasses that alert the wearer as they approach a potentially dangerous spot at a plant by showing a relevant video, a function activated by a small beacon.

The system is aimed at providing enhanced initial safety training for employees at worksites that many workers and security guards enter.

A sensor in the AR glasses detects the beacon when the wearer comes within two to three meters of it. A video stored on an SD card is played on a screen in the glasses, alerting the wearer and making them stop before coming in harm’s way. The videos provide information about potentially dangerous locations at the plant and special rules workers must follow in certain areas, such as safety harness requirements and prohibiting taking photos, etc. 

Meiden has also made metal fittings that attach the AR glasses to a helmet, making it easier for the wearer to continue working while wearing the glasses.

Meiden is considering using the AR glasses for routine work at its plants after making further improvements. As a company that supports social infrastructure, Meiden strives to create safe working environments for its workers with the goal of eliminating workplace accidents.

*The glasses and metal fittings are made in collaboration with the following companies:

AR system, beacons: F ocus Systems Corporation

Metal fittings for helmets: Tanizawa Seisakusho, Ltd.

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