News Releases 2017Meiden’s ceramic flat sheet membrane system certified by JWRC

A ceramic flat sheet membrane filtration system developed by Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has been certified as reliable equipment for water treatment facilities by the Japan Water Research Center (JWRC).

The JWRC certification is given to equipment and materials for water treatment facilities that provide “water utilities with a reliable criterion to select from among competing products.”i It aims to help promote research and development in water purification systems and the use of resultant technologies, including membrane systems.

Meiden’s ceramic flat sheet membrane offers highfiltration performance, is energy-efficient, durable and has a long life expectancy. Meiden has mainly provided ceramic flat sheet membrane for the recycling of sewage and industrial wastewater treatment in Japan, but the company will use the certification as a springboard to market the product for use in waterworks . It aims to sell the membrane to engineering and other firms and win contracts for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects that require such a product.

[Advantages of ceramic flat sheet membrane]

  1. 1.High durability
    The highly durable membrane can be used with powdered activated carbon for removing high turbidity or strong odors in the effluent. It is highly resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet rays.
  2. 2.Retrofitting in existing tanks
    The product is submerged in water, which allows it to be used for an existing sedimentation basin and other water tanks, converting them to a membrane filtering facility.
  3. 3.Lower life-cycle cost
    The system reduces energy costs by effectively using the difference between the water levels of the sedimentation basin and treated water reservoir to realize gravity filtration.

Meiden jointly received the JWRC certification with Organo Corporation.

i From the JWRC website

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