News Releases 2018Tridelta Meidensha receives an order for the supply of surge arresters to a major European power company

Tridelta Meidensha GmbH (TMG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meidensha Corporation (Meiden), officially secured a contract to supply surge arresters for the electricity distribution network of a major European power company for three years in September 2018 after product specifications and _delivery dates were worked out in line with an agreement for the deal made between the two parties in December 2017.

TMG, based in Hermsdorf in Germany’s Thuringia State, is a maker of surge arresters for electric power, which Meiden acquired in 2015. The former Tridelta Überspannungsableiter GmbH was established in 1889, providing surge arresters with up to 800kV for the electric power industry in more than 120 countries.

The deal is a long-term contract obtained after Meiden acquired the German firm. It is part of Meiden’s “overseas electric power” strategy, one of the pillars of the company’s growth businesses spelled out in Medium-term Management Plan 2020. Meiden hopes to use the contract as a springboard to expand its overseas electric power business.

Meiden’s surge arrester business
Meiden manufactures surge arresters as part of its transformer business. Since it developed and sold gapless metal oxide surge arresters (MOSA) in 1975 for the first time in the world, Meiden has improved the product’s resistance against multiple lightning strikes and stains, contributing the development of surge arresters. Thanks to such advancements, Meiden’s MOSA made it onto the list of IEEE Milestones, which records historic achievements in the electric and electronic fields. IEEE is a U.S.-based society for electric and electronic technology.

A surge arrester is a device to protect electrical equipment by controlling over-surges in voltage from lightning and other factors. Under the latest contract, Tridelta Meiden will provide surge arresters at electricity distribution facilities, which link electricity generated at power plants and electricity users.

With the 2015 TMG acquisition, Meiden has three production and sales hubs for surge arresters—Japan, China and Germany—expanding its production and marketing capabilities and optimizing its production system. It also promotes technological exchanges between the three production hubs, including joint product developments, to provide high-quality, high-performance surge arresters for electric power to clients around the world.

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