News Releases 2019Meiden’s dynamometer system wins Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director’s Award

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) won the fiscal 2018 Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Director’s Award, one of the prizes given by the Japan Machinery Federation (JMF) for contributing to efficient energy use by developing and commercializing superior energy-saving machines and systems. Meiden won the award for its motorized, high-torque-vibration transmission testing equipment (PCDY IV).

This JMF prize commends individuals or organizations that promoted efficient energy use so as to encourage development of energy-saving machinery or systems. The award presentation ceremony was held at Hotel Grand Palace in Tokyo on February 7, 2019.

What is Meiden’s motorized, high-torque-vibration transmission testing equipment (PCDY IV)?

Conventionally, an automobile transmission being tested must be connected with an engine to check its durability and conduct simulation tests (see Illustration 1). An engine used for testing requires a temperature regulator to control the oil and water temperature, and emission equipment for exhaust generated by using gasoline.
The PCDY IV features a dynamometer, a kind of motor, instead of an engine, allowing it to reduce energy use (see Illustration 2). In particular, the PCDY IV enables it to simulate engine explosion torque, which renders tests conducted by running an engine unnecessary. This can reduce consumption of primary energies, such as unprocessed oil and coal, by about 60 percent.

Fully developing engine, transmission and other automobile components in a short period has become vital at a time when the automobile industry and its peripheral sectors are being pressed to shorten the development period of automobiles, reduce the number of prototype vehicles and cut development costs.

We hope that the PCDY IV will be applied to meet these needs of the automobile industry.
Meiden, in its automotive testing business operations, will aim to create new value together with our clients in the future by providing products for next-generation vehicles, such as electric and self-driving vehicles, and helping to reduce burdens on the environment.

Conventional automobile testing apparatus (Illustration 1)

Motorized, high-torque-vibration transmission testing equipment (Illustration 2)

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