News Releases 2019Power conditioner able to deal with instantaneous voltage sag in lithium ion batteries starts operating at Pioneer Micro Technology Corporation

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) installed a power conditioner system (PCS) able to deal with instantaneous voltage sag in lithium ion batteries at Pioneer Micro Technology Corporation in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, in January 2019. The PCS, the sixth such unit Meiden has shipped, started operating the following month.

The latest order was made through Japan Facility Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc. The PCS’s capacity is 2,400kVA, and the lithium ion batteries connected to the system were made by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Meiden’s PCS was selected because it can deal with instantaneous voltage sag and is equipped to handle demand response. Instantaneous voltage, which has causes including lightning strikes, can stall production lines, negatively affect product quality and inflict huge losses on the operator. The PCS can supply a certain level of voltage even during a sudden voltage drop, thereby protecting production lines.

Demand response is a method to ensure stable electricity supply during peak hours of power usage. Under this system, electricity recipients save energy during peak use hours in line with a request from an electric power company, or an equivalent. The recipients receive remuneration commensurate with the amount of power they saved. Having storage batteries allows the user to cut power bills by storing electricity during the night and less busy hours and discharging it during peak hours. The PCS for storage batteries can store electricity in the batteries, and discharge this power when demand response is requested.

Meiden has installed PCSs for storage batteries in more than 100 locations since it started selling such systems in 1996. These systems have a total capacity of 200MVA. Meiden aims to sell and install these products at 10 locations a year to clients taking precautions against instantaneous voltage sag at production lines, while tapping the expected proliferation of virtual power plants*. 

Merits of power conditioning system capable of coping with instantaneous voltage sag

1. Peak shifting function allows leveling of power usage throughout the day by storing electricity in batteries at night and discharging it during the day. This will result in cheaper electricity bills. (See chart below.)
2. When the power supply from an electric utility is cut off, the PCS can automatically command the storage batteries to discharge electricity. (Autonomous operation and capable of accommodating business continuity plan.)
3. Equipped with supplementary function to deal with instantaneous voltage sag.
4. Ensures stable operation of emergency power generators.


*A virtual power plant aggregates the capacities of facilities in dispersed locations as if it were one power plant. Even if power generation and power storage volumes of individual facilities are small, a VPP can adjust the demand-supply balance of electricity like a large power plant by controlling the small plants as one.

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