News Releases 2019Meiden to join “2019 Telework Days” campaign to help reduce Tokyo’s traffic volume for 2020 Tokyo Games

Meidensha Corporation (Meiden) has supported and joined the “2019 Telework Days” campaign, which is being spearheaded as a precursor to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to reduce traffic volume in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is the second year that Meiden has joined the campaign with the status of an “association providing special cooperation.”

The campaign is organized by government ministries and agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Telecommunications, the Tokyo metropolitan government and other relevant organizations.

As a trial in the run-up to the Tokyo Games in 2020, Meiden set about two weeks between July 22 and August 2 as “Telework Days,” encouraging its employees to work at home or a nearby satellite office, or taking a vacation. It is also encouraging its employees not to commute to the office if they have to visit their clients in the morning or return to the office after visiting clients late in the afternoon. The company set July 25-26 as company holidays.

A total of 370 Meiden employees participated in its Telework Days for three days from July 23 to 25 last year. This year’s participation is more ambitious, as the Osaki district in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, where Meiden’s headquarters is located, has been designated by the 2020 TDM (Traffic Demand Management) Promotion Project* as a key district to reduce traffic volume. Meiden aims to have a total of about 400 employees mainly at personnel, accounting and other managerial sections who work at the Meiden headquarters participate in the campaign (excluding company holidays), so that the company can attain a 30 percent reduction in traffic volume with regard to its employees.

During the 2020 Games, Meiden aims to ensure smooth business operations through telework because the transportation networks in Tokyo will likely be congested or disrupted. By holding a trial this year, it will work to spread the use of the telework system among its employees.

Meiden started the telework and satellite office systems from fiscal 2015 to provide more work-style options to help employees work while raising children or to enhance their work productivity. In the Medium-term Management Plan 2020, which started from last fiscal year, Meiden stipulated “Smart Work 2020,” an action plan for work-style reform, focusing on the improvement of work productivity and implementing measures to realize diversity in the workplace. As part of its efforts in this domain, Meiden expanded a satellite office at Numazu Works, making an improvement to the teleworking environment.

Meiden will boost its efforts to realize flexible work-styles that fit employees’ lifestyles.

*The project was launched in August 2018 for the 2020 Tokyo Games to ensure both the smooth transportation of athletes and spectators, etc. and undisrupted economic activities. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the central Japanese government and the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games are serving as secretariat.

   The Telework Days campaign              Numazu Satellite Office

■2019 Telework Days
Governmental ministries and agencies are collaborating with the Tokyo metropolitan government and relevant organizations to promote nationwide work-style reform by setting July 24, the date of the opening ceremony for the 2020 Games, as “Telework Day.”
They set Telework Days of 2019 for the period between July 22 and September 6, urging corporations and other institutions to allow employees to telework. The government ministries and agencies involved are as follows: The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Telecommunications, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Cabinet Secretariat and Cabinet Office.  

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